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Calici di Stelle

Music and shows at Calici di Stelle


Leggera Electric Folk Band

From 10.00 pm in Piazza Grande

Leggera Electric Folk Band, a unique musical group in Tuscany that combines the power of rock with the poetry of popular music. Our strength is the revaluation of the ancient Tuscan folk songs. The charm of these pieces left in the memory of the taverns many years ago, is gathering more and more support throughout Italy.


Cogli la prima mela
From 9.00 pm Sagrato della Chiesa di Sant’Agostino, Via di Gracciano nel Corso

Famous and less famous songs written by singer-songwriters and artists like Fabrizio De André, Ivano Fossati, Paolo Conte and many others. We pass from Angelo Branduardi, Fiorella Mannoia, Pino Daniele and Lucio Dalla, to the original exploration of South American and French music and famous movie soundtracks.


Form 9.00 pm Piazzetta di Cagnano, Via dell’Opio nel Corso


"A duo like a group" A couple of poly-instrumentalists that play togheter since 2015. Diego Perugini (guitarist) and Andrea Pinsuti (singer songwriter) put togheter their musical versatility to create a really special project. They play many musical genres and instruments, trying to make people listen whit passion, entertain, smile and even dance.


Pasos Oscuros - dance and music performance 
From 9.00pm at Palazzo Cervini 

Pasos oscuros1

 A performance based on the contamination of different styles for a charming and engaging mix between flamenco dance and dance theatre, thanks to two dancers accompanied by the original and innovative notes of “Amish from Jack White”. Starting from the folk sounds you get to embrace the Arab music, passing through the tango until the rock and more contemporary sounds where flamenco movement and sensuality join the narration of dance theatre.
Pasos Oscuros is a journey into a passionate, sensual, intimate and mysterious world in which sound and body become one thing to transport the viewers in an intriguing and engaging atmosphere.

Form 9.00 pm in Via di Collazzi

Ritmatik is a musician and producer of electronic music, born on 25/06/1994, in Tuscany. He cultivates his love for music from an early age playing electric guitar in various rock and metal bands and participating in numerous concerts and contests. When he was 17, he began to cross the new horizons of electronic music, producing the first tracks with the "Fruity loops" and "Ableton Live" programs. Being appreciated with his new productions begins to find his way into the world of parties, meeting new people and organizing the first events. It is here that in 2014 the "Ritmatik" project was born and together with his companions he founded the "Renegadez" crew, with whom he continues to organize events and free parties in various areas of Central Italy. After 2/3 years from the foundation, Ritmatik is also noted in the North-Italy where, through the collective "Dong YeYe", he plays in various clubs of Bologna and surroundings further spreading his productions and his particular groove. Recently he was contacted by the Spanish discographic label "Discodemuerto", thanks to which he will release his track "Crazy Onions" in the EP "art of goth 2" (on sale on various websites) along with other artists from all over Europe.

Show of flags and drums by Sbandieratori and Tamburini group of Bravio delle Botti
From 6.30 pm in the historic centre (start from Colonna del Marzocco)


Elena the Illusionist
From 6.30 pm and from 9 pm in Piazza delle Erbe - Logge del Grano

Directly from Chiambretti Night, guest of Calici di Stelle a Montepulciano, Elena the Illusionist. 




Program – Friday, August 10, 201811.00 am, 3.00 pm, and 5.00 pm – Guided walking tour of Montepulciano’s historic center Duration: 1 hour and a half - Cost: 7,00 €Meeting...

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